The Labyrinth Gate (as Alis A. Rasmussen)


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“Transported to a magic-filled alternate world, a newlywed couple must find the treasure hidden in a labyrinth city if they ever wish to return home
With marriage comes change, and for Sanjay and Chryse, that change is literally world altering. After their wedding reception, they accidentally drop a gift—a pack of special tarot cards—onto an elevator floor. The cards scatter, the lights go out, and all at once, they find themselves transported to Anglia. It’s a strange parallel world not unlike Victorian England, but matriarchal in nature and shaped by powerful sorcery.

While fleeing a riot in the streets, the pair is rescued by aristocrats Julian and Kate, the first of many new friends and adventures. To get home, they must find a treasure in the labyrinth city of Pariam—a quest that becomes ever more daunting as it attracts the attention of the evil Princess Blessa. Wonderfully conceived and full of memorable characters, The Labyrinth Gate is vibrant fantasy on every level.”

Published 1998 as Alis A. Rasmussen.

Includes a postcard featuring cover art from The Very Best of Kate Elliott!

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