Traitor’s Gate (Crossroads Series Book 3)


Available in U.S. Hardcover and Paperback, and U.K. Paperback.

The third and final book in the Crossroads series:

“In the darkness of war and destruction, forces gather to reclaim the peace: Those immortal Guardians who still serve justice seek a means to end the devastating reign of one of their own; a hired outlander army struggles to halt the advance of the horde that has despoiled vast lands and slaughtered countless people in its murderous wake, while still guarding against a burgeoning threat from an aggressively expansionist empire; and the eagle reeves who have long been the only law enforcers of the Hundred struggle to reorganize after a devastating massacre has decimated their numbers. But even as these forces give hope to those who would live in peace, a terrible danger looms: a traitor with Imperial ambitions, the most dreaded, least anticipated threat of all…”

Published 2009.

Includes a postcard featuring cover art from The Very Best of Kate Elliott!

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U.S. Hardcover, U.S. Paperback, U.K Paperback

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