Five Inspirations for COURT OF FIVES at Once Upon a Twilight

Once Upon a TwilightKate Elliott is at the Sasquan 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, WA this week (see her schedule or follow her adventures on Twitter), but you can still learn about the inspirations for her YA debut novel, COURT OF FIVES (available now in the USA & Canada) over at review blog, Once Upon a Twilight.

These five things are at the core of Court of Fives: In a world of magic and peril, four sisters try to make a difficult transition to adulthood in a society suffocated by rules of class and privilege. Fierce, determined Jes wants nothing more than to make her mark in the most popular game in the country, but disaster is about to strike her family, one that will bring her into stunning contact with her long-buried heritage.

One of the great pleasures of writing fantasy is being able to combine many very different elements and create something new.

Find out what these five inspirations are at the link!