POISONED BLADE Blog Tour Interviews

Leading up to and following the recent release of POISONED BLADE, the sequel to Court of Fives, Kate Elliott embarked on a YA blog tour of guest posts and interviews to discuss her YA series, her writing process, and more. Here is a full compilation of the Poisoned Blade Blog Tour interviews:

  • YA Interrobang – Maybe, Just Maybe, A Kiss (Interview)
    What can Court of Fives fans look forward to in Poisoned Blade?
    More Fives. An arrogant but charming poet who dreams of rebellion. Travel outside Saryenia on a quest to find her missing sister, in the company of the man she hates most. A lot more about spiders. And of course a person she doesn’t expect to meet in the desert. And maybe, just maybe, a kiss.
  • SFFWorld (Interview)
    In your own words, who is Kate Elliott?
    That’s a hard question to answer! I make up worlds. I write epic stories. I keep working to improve at my craft. I’m stubborn, and my goal is to remain a person who learns and stays curious for my entire life. Few things scare me as much as the idea of no longer wanting to ask questions, see new places and try new things, and meet new people and ways of life.
  • Adventures in YA Publishing – On Listening to the Main Character’s Heart (Interview)
    What did this book teach you about writing or about yourself?That I have to listen to the main character’s heart, even when it is something I don’t want to hear. Often the plot twists and character decisions that make me most uncomfortable are the most gripping and true.
  • Two Chicks on Books – On Poisoned Blade (Interview)
    What kind of research did you have to do for the story? There’s a lot of American Ninja Warrior-like courses, did you marathon the shows for inspiration?
    Yes I was forced to watch a lot of American Ninja Warrior and Sasuke (the original Japanese show). Also training montage clips like this of Stephen Amell in tv show Arrow. Believe me, I have really suffered for my art:


Thank you to all of the host sites and interviewers for their cooperation and participation!