Chapter Ten: Japanese Hot Tub

As mentioned earlier the HECP had been a Japanese naval facility before the U.S. Navy commandeered it and continued to use it exactly as it had been used before. Consequently we simply moved into quarters previously used by Japanese sailors, complete with bunks with interlaced strips of steel to sleep on. We quickly replaced them with cots.

Naturally there were facilities for keeping clean, but not showers. Instead there was a pair of stone hot tubs side by side. One was smaller and shallower than the other. Ethnocentric as we were, we did not ask about bathing procedures. We used them like bathtubs.

After a time the Japanese signalmen let us know they regarded our way of using the tubs inappropriate. The smaller tub was used to wash in with a small amount of soap and water. One also rinsed off in that tub, then relaxed and soaked in the large tub with nice clean water. Good for the health.

In retrospect, I think they thought we were not very cleanly. What I cannot remember is how the water got into the tubs. We signed up in advance for a bath and the hired Japanese workers took care of the rest. I do remember that the drained water was used to irrigate gardens and flowers.

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