Cold Fire is now available in the USA

Unexpectedly, I woke up this morning to find COLD FIRE shipping in the USA from Barnes & Noble and Amazon (the only two places I checked). That’s for the paper version. The lay-down date (date it was originally scheduled to be placed on shelves for sale) is Sept 26, and indeed the e-book versions will evidently not release until that date.

As for other bookstores, like the wonderful independent bookstores I love to give business to, I just don’t know, but you can call or visit and check.

This does preempt my once-generous offer to sign pre-release copies at the Sept 20 signing at Powells Bookstore (Cedar Hills branch) in Portland, Oregon, but life is full of these sorts of surprises. I mean, I’ll still lovingly sign mail-ordered copies at Powells and enclose a physical copy of the bonus chapter with each book ordered from there. And it is still the only place I’m doing a signing for Cold Fire (as of now, although I will be in San Diego for World Fantasy Convention at the end of October).

So I guess this is by default some manner of book release day.

I hope you guys enjoy the novel. I did a massive amount of revision on this novel, and as much research as I could manage, although I have to say that I literally could not have written the book it became without the help of Dr. Fragano Ledgister and Dr. Kurtis Nishimura (as well as my son Alexander and my other beta readers, the list of whom is too extensive to list here, but I love all you guys).

I have two favorite lines in the book, both of which only work in context, so I won’t quote them here except to say that one includes the word “cow” and the other includes the word “goose.”

Oh, hey, I’m going to add a link to one of my favorite lovely and generous songs and its beautiful video, Balance (by Sara Tavares). I would embed it here from YouTube if I knew how (haven’t done that yet), but meanwhile, the link leads to the fabulosity.

Balance by Sara Tavares

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  1. mmm, this unexpected news kind of made my day. it’s been a couple of crazy weeks of school for the kids, alot of in-law time, work and not enough reading. one of the things i have been waiting desperately for is cold fire. so yay! i’m already looking forward to ignoring everyone and reading for a good solid chunk of time.

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