Cold Fire Spoiler Thread

If you want to discuss Cold Fire, Cold Magic, and the Spiritwalker Trilogy so far, OR if you want to ask specific questions about either of the books or the series, this is a place you can do so, with spoilers.

I’ll start with a great line from a very thoughtful review of COLD FIRE over on abookandashortlatte:

Though I was initially disappointed to read what appeared to be the start of yet another love triangle, I am so glad Elliott included it in this installment, for it is one of the only instances I have encountered where the triangle was not merely a plot device.

Also, over at the Orbit Books blog, I’ve posted on the subject “Why the first chapter of Cold Fire covers much the same ground as the last chapter of Cold Magic.”

Don’t forget there is an extra chapter, which I plan to post online after all editions and regions of the English-language-edition are available. For now, email me if you want the chapter and I’ll email the file to you.

If you want a paper copy (pamphlet designed by Lucy Softich), come (or send a minion) to my signing (with the most excellent Blake Charlton, of Spellbound and Spellwright fame) at Powells, Portland OR (Beaverton branch) 20 September 7 pm. OR order a signed copy via Powells before the signing which will come with the pamphlet of the extra chapter.

I will also be attending an open house for writers at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on Wednesday 26 October 630 – 830 pm, and I will have the pamphlet there as well. And also at World Fantasy Convention in San Diego (October 27 – 30).

4 thoughts on “Cold Fire Spoiler Thread

  1. Cold Fire arrived today (my birthday – good timing) and when giving it to Louise to read (she read Cold Magic first) I had to give her a quick synopsis of Cold Magic. I guess we’re getting old, when 50 years ago was yesterday, and yesterday seems 50 years ago.

  2. I just finished reading Cold Fire. It was kind of a cancel-all-appointments-and-don’t-talk-to-me sort of experience – similar to the experience I had whilst reading Cold Magic, really. I was surprised at the total change in landscape – from the shivery, snow-muffled Europan cities to the sweltering half-naked tropical clime. What’s next, I wonder? (rhetorical, question, of course=) )

    I am also becoming increasingly interested in the troll culture, and how exactly their mirror labyrinth works to confuse spiritwalkers and such! At the same time, I don’t want anything but vague details – it keeps the mystery and tension and creates the magic and realism for me! I was wondering, though, why Cat thought she could get her Sire to go after Camjiata when I thought Camjiata was just an ordinary guy with extraordinary abilities to lead and convince people. I thought the Wild Hunt wanted powerful mages? I was also a little worried when Cat wanted to get rid of Camjiata because there was all that speculation about how when Cat lives, Camjiata lives etc..

    Another question, there seem to be all these other gods that help or antagonize Cat, what is their relationship to the spirit world and the Wild Hunt? Like, for example, the Angry Queen or Tanit, protector of women? There seems to be a nice, infinite layer of power structures transcending from the real world to the spirit world and beyond – providing lots of opportunity for certain full-of-themselves characters to be foiled in their plans and rugs pulled out from under my feet, too. Looking forward to that!

  3. Sharry: thank you so much for your kind words! So glad you enjoyed Cold Fire (and Cold Magic). Your question regarding Cat and Camjiata is a good one: I think it is safe to say that Cat can get carried away by her emotions (which is perhaps one reason she works so hard to be sensible), and in this case she was so enraged that she became fixated on revenging herself on Camjiata for tearing her away from the two people she loves best. Cat has certain qualities that are very predatorial, not unlike her sire.

    As for gods and spirits, there are indeed levels. In some cases they are spiritual manifestations of natural forces; on others, like Tanit, the question is really whether Cat saw the goddess or only believed she saw a manifestation of the goddess, a question I leave open for the reader to decide.

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