How to acquire a signed (by me!) copy of the US edition of COLD FIRE

Because I live in an out of the way place, I do very few signings.

I plan to attend World Fantasy Convention in San Diego the last weekend of October (27 – 30) this year, but other than that (and any potential signing I might do in the area then) I am as of now only doing a single signing for the release of COLD FIRE.

Blake Charlton (SPELLBOUND) and I will be reading and signing at Powells Bookstore (the Cedar Hills/Beaverton branch) on September 20 at 7 pm.

Although the official release date for COLD FIRE is Sept 26, I have been assured by my publisher that there will be pre-release copies available at the signing.

If you want a signed copy of COLD FIRE but can’t make it to the signing, you can pre-order a signed copy at Powells via this link.

I should note that I have written a bonus chapter that fits within the storyline of COLD FIRE but which is not in the published book because it is not written from Cat’s point of view and because it contains more explicit sexual content than I normally write (fair warning).

Copies pre-ordered at Powells before the signing will receive, with the signed book, a copy of the bonus chapter (in the form of a very short pamphlet that can be tucked inside the pages of the book in the appropriate spot). If you order because of reading about it in this post, best to note that you would like (or do not want) the bonus chapter.

If you can make it to the signing, Blake and I would love to see you there.

And, yes, those of you who are actually paying attention will see this signing flagged at least 3 more times before Sept 20, so my apologies in advance.

5 thoughts on “How to acquire a signed (by me!) copy of the US edition of COLD FIRE

  1. Yay! Even though I can’t make it to Oregon (I wish!) I can still order a signed copy (just finished ordering it, as a matter of fact). This will be my first. Hopefully next time it can be in person.

    I do find it slightly ironic that even though you live in Hawaii you aren’t doing a signing here. I too live in hawaii and was hoping you would be able to as I have yet to hear of an author doing a signing all the way out here (you would think they would like to make the trip as a business expense!) but ah well. Enjoy your trip to the mainland! It should be getting nice and chilly soon!

    Can’t wait to read that bonus chapter as well! Pins and Needles!

  2. I would consider doing maybe not a signing but a meet up, for Hawaii folks who can be reached via Twitter, Facebook, and so on. The last signing I did at the Kahala B&N was so poorly managed that I really don’t want to sign there again, and they’re now the only game in town.

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  4. Bad experiences, whenever possible, should never be repeated.

    I would love to get the word out and do a meet up! This would be my first type of thing like this, so how could I help? I actually don’t know a lot of bloggers in hawaii (though they are sure to exist) but will start looking right away to see who would be interested!

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your first book, Cold Magic in the spirit walker trilogy. I cannot wait for the second book to be released. I have already pre-ordered my e-book version through Barnes 7 Noble. I am such an avid reader that I can read a book in one sitting. But I am going to try my hardest to prolong the reading as much as possible. I will also make sure that I remember to read the bonus chapter. The 26th cannot get here fast enough!!

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