APEC comes to Hawaii

We’re avoiding town (what those of us in the exurbs of Honolulu call Honolulu) because of the APEC conference which has so far involved much road closure and gridlock. There have been other signs of the conference here as well: long overdue improvements and beautification put into the airport; rousting homeless and moving them out of any place where they might be seen and thus diminish the allure of paradise; the killing of a local man by a federal security official here for APEC, a bizarrely disturbing situation in which very little information has been released about the incident in contrast to how much information we would usually know given that shooting deaths are quite rare here. Also, Iolani Palace has been closed for the duration of the conference because of security concerns about Hawaiian Sovereignty protestors. Let me know if you’ve read about any of these elements; I’d be curious to know if they are being reported outside the local area.

Tomorrow we will drive into town but will as always avoid Waikiki. Should be interesting.

3 thoughts on “APEC comes to Hawaii

  1. I have heard nothing ( or next to ), but then, I am in Australia. The situation sounds extremely like what happened in Sydney before the 2000 olympics though.

  2. Yes, I expect it is very like that. Or any big city which hosts a bit event like this: They clean everything up and sweep out of view anything they want to hide.

    The killing (alleged murder) is disturbing though as it looks as if it is being kept under wraps by the state and fed officials.

  3. We’ve barely heard that the conference was happening. National news gave more coverage to the basketball game onboard the Carl Vincent. It was mentioned that Obama was going to the conference and on to Asia, but that’s been about it.


    At least the Occupy protests are getting regular coverage now.

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