I have probably unreasonable and hugely ambitious goals for 2012. Therefore, I will keep them to myself except to say this:

I’m hoping to get a lot written. I’m hoping to maintain an optimistically assertive attitude. These two things go together.

Here’s the administrative part of the post:

The ARC giveaway for Melanie Rawn’s forthcoming novel, Touchstone, was won by Heather S. Email me, Heather!

Now, for the kvelling portion of the post:

My daughter made a short story sale last year to Arcane, an anthology edited by Nathan Shumate and published by Cold Fusion Media. On the site the anthology is described as “thirty macabre, unsettling and weird tales to tickle that spot behind your eyes you just can’t reach.”

Arcane is now available in print and ebook editions.

Besides being a writer she’s also an artist (finishing her BFA this year at Portland State University). She has work in this non-profit fund-raising calendar for dance group BodyVox, about which she says:

The annual BodyVox dance company fundraiser calendar is on sale now, which I mention because I have a piece of art in it! It’s a cool concept, where they have artists modify photographs of the dancers in the company into fantastical hybrid art pieces. The calendar can only be ordered online through a slightly arcane system but is on their website


On Dec 20, 2011 I posted a survey via the new “question and answer tool” Urtak, a means to do a fairly simple survey via Yes/No questions.

I got over 1000 responses, which means over 100 people who answered. Mostly I found fairly universal agreement with my basic questions, all of which were relevant to what people might want (or not want) to see on my blog in 2012. Respondents liked posts that offered scope for discussion, felt it was okay for me to post links to reviews or to do some promotional content on my blog, and were interested in posts on world building, my work in general/specific, and (slightly less so, interestingly) in reviews of books/film and pop culture.

I got closer to a 50/50 split on the question of whether people wanted me to talk about politics, so I think I will stick with my longstanding general avoidance of politics as a blog topic. It’s not that I’m not politically engaged or that I don’t have strong opinions; I do. I’m not particularly interested in political wrangling on my front porch, and in the sense that I consider Twitter the water cooler of my work life, I consider my blog my front porch.

I’m probably a bit more political on Twitter than I am here (and by extension Facebook, to which all my Twitter posts autofeed). In general, though, brought up in rural/small town Oregon and in an ethnic household with an immigrant mother, I learned early that you didn’t discuss politics or religion in general company. I’m not at all against people discussing politics or religion in general company, I should add. I myself quite enjoy reading political content. I’m just saying that, on the whole, I’m not going to do it here very often.

I do plan to do future Urtak surveys, but they won’t be about the blog. I may come up with a set of questions about reading likes and dislikes, or some such, something that combines being serious and fun.

One of the interesting aspects of the Urtak tool is that respondents can add questions.

A question was asked:
Do you plan on uploading extra stories about your various existing series’ to your website?

I’ll answer it here:

I have added the Cold Fire Bonus Chapter 31/5 on the Extras page.

I have also added the story featuring Rory, To Be A Man, on the Extras page.

I don’t have any other stories written within my existing series, because I am not really a short story writer. In fact, I have written three times more novels than short stories. I am thinking of trying to write more short stories this year (I have a couple more in the Spiritwalker universe I would like to tell, from the point of view of characters other than Cat, like the two above). If I do that, however, I will likely offer them in ebook form and charge a (modest) amount (depending on length, probably $0.99 or $1.99): a woman’s got to eat and pay for her outrigger canoe paddling obsession. I do plan to write more about my various worlds here, and in some cases I may post additional material or, in some cases, cut material.

So we will see what 2012 brings. One really never knows.


Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “2012

  1. My daughter made a short story sale last year to Arcane, an anthology edited by Nathan Shumate and published by Cold Fusion Media. On the site the anthology is described as “thirty macabre, unsettling and weird tales to tickle that spot behind your eyes you just can’t reach.”

    Congrats to your daughter.

    I shouldn’t and no one else should be surprised, since I recall a line in the Whatever post talking about the Cold Fire Universe

    “MOM! We’re making up a world with our FRIENDS! Want to WORLD BUILD with us?”

    Like mother, like daughter…

  2. Thank you Kate, I just shrieked and grinned my way through Rory’s story! I made such a ruckus that I had to explain myself to my husband sitting next to me on the couch. He used the word “squawk” to describe my sounds. The relationship between Cat and Rory is so much fun… Anyway, in reference to your recent post, your stories are some of my most enjoyable rereadings, I look forward to them each time I pick one up.

  3. Yes, I’m impressed by her Exordium covers. I find the whole business of having children who develop their own competencies and skills quite wonderful.

  4. Melanie, thank you! I laughed at your description of your husband’s description of your ruckus! Rory would be pleased!

  5. Hi Kate,
    I just wanted to mention that I picked up two books recently because of you. I just finished Spellbinder by Melanie Rawn and really enjoyed it, so if she has a new book coming out I will look for it. Also, I went to a different library than I usually do (looking for Spellbinder) and I couldn’t believe my eyes when The Cloud Roads leaped out at me, after I had just read your recommendation of it! So I intend to read it soon…I use the local library system quite a lot, don’t know what I would do without it actually. Does it bother you since you make a living as a writer to hear that I save money by using the library?

  6. Free public libraries are a great bastion of civilization. I mean that. It means anyone can walk into a library and read (and, these days, get time on a computer). I think it’s easy to take libraries for granted now, but before the Carnegie Libraries of the late 19th century, many people really had limited or no access to reading material, research material, ways to educate themselves, and so on.

    So: I am all for libraries, and I think it is just fine if people are reading my books or other books from the library. I have read a lot of books in my time from the library, especially when I was young and my family simply couldn’t just buy any book one might want to read. Libraries allowed me to read widely and these days they allow me to experiment. And that is not even to mention university libraries which have helped me do a great deal of research I could not otherwise have afforded or managed.

    Whoops. I got carried away.

  7. I am glad to hear your thoughts. My parents introduced my brothers and I to piles of books at a young age, and I still remember waiting for the bookmobile to make its appearance on Sunnyview Rd in Salem in the early eighties. One of my jobs in college was collecting articles from the library for a professor.
    I feel privileged to walk in and have access (as you might say) to all the worlds that have been built by so many authors. It makes me feel rich, like when a friend gives you a bag of homegrown fruit that you didn’t expect! It’s really unfortunate that due to budgetary woes in the county where I live, 15 library staff where laid off so that conversely the libraries could have longer hours…

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