Book sign/reading from Cold Steel in L.A. in July

I’ll post this twice more as the time grows closer, but I want to announce that I will be doing a book signing together with the wonderful fantasy writer Lynn Flewelling on

SATURDAY JULY 28 at 2:30 pm

at Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach (Los Angeles)

I will read from COLD STEEL. I might even let the audience vote on which of several short excerpts they want me to read from . . . Rory getting naked? Bee telling off powerful men? Cat punching, well, anything?

Also, I will have hard copy pamphlets of the bonus chapter 31.5 from COLD FIRE available (I’m not charging for them).

As always with this kind of signing, you can bring your books from home for me to sign, and that is perfectly fine, but it is also courteous (and useful!) to make a purchase (of some kind, not necessarily my books) from Mysterious Galaxy, the hosting indie bookstore, because they have to sell books to stay in business in order to host signings and readings like this one.

Also, if you cannot attend the signing, you can place an order beforehand and get a signed (and personalized, if you wish) copy of any of my books which they have in stock, which they will then ship to you afterward.

I would love to see you all there.

Just as an FYI: I plan to attend the Sirens Conference in mid October (near Portland, Oregon), and may do a signing at Powells at that time. I also plan to attend World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, Canada in early November.

2 thoughts on “Book sign/reading from Cold Steel in L.A. in July

  1. Hi Kate, hope you are well.

    Is there any chance you might post what you read from Çold Steel as a teaser on your website or blog? I am in Australia, so cannot make it to the signing, though I would love to have a look around that bookshop, it sounds great.

    Best of luck with revisions etc.

  2. Maddie,

    I will definitely be posting early chapters from Cold Steel. I kind of like the idea of posting a teaser chapter. Too bad I can’t do a little You Tube video of the reading!

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