Cold Steel: Final Draft

The final draft of Cold Steel is done & sent to Orbit Books.

It now goes into production, the lengthy (many months long) process by which it gets turned into a book. More on that later, and I hope to resume posts about things other than progress reports when I have time to think and breathe.

Right now it is 1 am, and I’m going to bed.

8 thoughts on “Cold Steel: Final Draft

  1. I look really forward to reading Cold Steel (finally!)!! Ever since I read Cold Mage and Cold Fire (which I did in two days) I’ve been imagining what will happen in Cold Steel. I’m enormously excited about the book being in process, and that in a few months we’ll be able to read!!

  2. This message is truly wonderful to hear. Congrats on finally finishing and being able to let it go. I can hardly wait to read what your imagination and cleverness has created. I know it shall be well worth the wait!

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