But wait! There’s more! Epic fantasy on the way

Hard on the heels of announcing my new YA deal, I want to announce that:

I am also working on a new epic fantasy trilogy for Orbit Books.

Details and publication dates to come.

All I can say right now is that of last night I had 83,000 words written on book one. I’m hoping that’s about halfway but we’ll see. Don’t laugh. 150,000 words is a crisp, efficient length for an epic fantasy. RIGHT?

More later this week as I want to ask everyone a question about sex.


18 thoughts on “But wait! There’s more! Epic fantasy on the way

  1. This, combined with the last announcement, actually excited me so much that I gave myself stomach pains. Totally worth it.

  2. Now I can’t figure out whether to feel guilty or IMMENSELY POWERFUL

    Thanks! 😉

  3. Nice… Don’t let me run dry on ready material:-)

    What’s with this question?

  4. Congratulations! That’s fantastic.

    I’m curious if there’s anything motivated readers can do to make it more likely that sequels will get picked up. For example, I’d love to read the rest of the Crossroads books. Does buying copies of them now make it more likely that they’ll get picked up? Is there somewhere I can write in to demonstrate demand? Would it help to review it on goodreads/Amazon?

  5. I’m trying to decide how explicit I want to write the sex in the new epic fantasy.

  6. Thanks!

    There will be more details later once the first volume is turned in and scheduled. 🙂

  7. Hmm… Well, I don’t mind explicit scenes if you feel comfortable with it, but I have a friend who can’t read anything like that. So I understand both sides, those who like explicit scenes and those who don’t.

    I have been reading a part of the Anita Blake series lately. There are a lot of explicit sex scenes and it just got to much for me in Incubus Dreams (#12), where she has about, I don’t know, 5 scenes or so in a row with not much in between.
    I think it’s more a question of measure, what is ok….

    So if you are not entirely sure, in my opinion a takeout like in Cold Fire is great, because the reader can decide whether or not he wants to read it. Opens other problems like you can’t put any relevant information in it…
    Or would you be planning one more than a hand full of scenes?

  8. I’m about to put up the post with the question but to answer briefly: I’m writing a multiple pov third person narrative, and while there will not be a lot of description of consensual sex (and then only when it has a narrative function in the plot), I have to decide how explicit to make those descriptions.

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