Thank you to my readers (Spiritwalker Monday 1)

The official publication date of COLD STEEL is June 25 for both e-book and print editions in English, worldwide (as far as I know; there may be some regions where it comes out later and if so, please let me know).

I’m always anxious when a new book comes out. That anxiety is amplified when the book in question is the final book of a trilogy because naturally, being the writer, I want people to like it and to feel satisfied with the ending. As always, some will love it, some like it, some will be disappointed, and a few will be puzzled, but mostly most readers will have no idea the book is out because they haven’t heard of it. That’s the nature of the business (especially when you aren’t a bestseller, as I’m not).

So I want to take a moment this week to say:

THANK YOU to my readers

Some of you love all my books. Some like one series more than the others. Some have only read one series or even just one book. One or two have thrown a book I wrote across the room in disgust. Some are trying out my novels for the first time. Some of you write to me or show up at my book events. Some I will never know are out there reading. Some are my friends; most are strangers. And you guys live all over the world.

It’s not that my writing doesn’t exist without readers. It does, and writing exists and lives and breathes even if what is written is only ever seen by the person who wrote it.

To me what happens between a written work and a reader is a creative act all on its own, an interaction that usually takes place in privacy and in silence while being no less vivid and powerful for that. In these days of social media the discussion can range farther afield and reach more people than ever, which is both really cool and kind of daunting and scary. But it always comes back to what I put on the page and what you, the reader, take away from the page.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Also, you all are the best.

5 thoughts on “Thank you to my readers (Spiritwalker Monday 1)

  1. “Some I will never know are out there reading.” I’m out here, reading, and waiting for the next one. Feel good about what you do, and Don’t Stop! <3

  2. Thank you for adding to my world:-)

    There are a handful of writers with books that totally absorb me, a few of them I could not put away until I was through, but there are only two authors so far that got that much of an emotional reaction. (Like when they told me in the book store one year ago, that cold steel had not even been announced I felt like an addict on withdrawal…)

  3. Put in my pre-order at Amazon last week, eager for my birthday present to arrive next week.

    I have always appreciated the different effects that you achieve in your books. For me, the Jaran books had such a powerful sense of place (perhaps from growing on the prairie?) while the Crown of Stars swept me up in its extensive history. The Cold books have been the must pure fun. Can’t wait to see what your next epic fantasy series is about.


  4. I’m not very good at being patient, but I’m waiting to buy til you come to Seattle to support the bookstore.

    I’m glad the publication date is here, but I really wish your visit wasn’t 2 weeks from now. 🙂

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