Update: “The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal”

I wanted to post another illustration but WordPress isn’t letting me upload anything here and I don’t at the moment have time to figure out why.


The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal is in production.

The 29 black and white illustrations by Julie Dillon are in and they are FABULOUS.

The layout has turned out to be more complicated than expected which is why there is a delay, but it is getting closer to being complete, after which the material will be proofed and then taken to press.

I do not yet have a link to an order page (we’re doing this all ourselves so my apologies) but I will link to it here as soon as I do.

I’m hoping that publication will be in August 2013.


The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal

Words by Kate Elliott

Illustrations by Julie Dillion

Layout and cover design by Joseph Eichstaedt

Editing by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein

Printing by ColorHausPDX

Distributed by Crab Tank Press
First Edition, 2013


6 thoughts on “Update: “The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal”

  1. Thanks! So am I. Hoping to have a proof copy in a week or two, then it will be printed. I’ve never done self publishing before so it’s not quite that this has been more complicated than I thought it would be (I knew self publishing was complicated and time consuming) but that I have had to backtrack and make some adjustments as I went, thus the delay.

  2. Not yet determined as we’re still pricing units. Probably $10.00 for a 36 page 6×8 perfect bound chapbook with 28 illustrations. Less if we can manage it. I’m not sure yet though.

    ETA: Daughter has corrected me. Her plan is to price the print version at $8 at the highest. If she can bring the cost per unit down enough it’ll be $7. An ebook version will come a bit later and be priced lower (probably $3.99) but I think the print version will be super nice & given the illustrations I personally would rather have the print version.

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