The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal: Print Version On Sale Now



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 The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal is finally and at long last ready to order in its PRINT version.

I appreciate your patience as this has been a micro-press venture and has taken quite a while to move through all the steps. While the people I worked with have experience in these matters, this is the first micro-press project I have ever attempted and I could not have done it without the able assistance (and patience) of Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein and Melanie Ujimori, the founders and publishers of Crab Tank Ink (although technically Crab Tank is not publishing the chapbook; the publisher of record is the Press of the Shiny Ideas Clutch, while Crab Tank is acting as the distributor).

Huge thanks to Julie Dillon for her magnificent artwork. For those interested in such details, I commissioned and paid for the art ahead of time. I’m thrilled she took on the project despite a rather daunting deadline.

ETA: FOR THE MOMENT you have to email me at Kate.Elliott at to inquire about print and pdf copies. They are still available. I will soon post new information.


EBOOK: A DRM-free pdf version is  available

9 thoughts on “The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal: Print Version On Sale Now

  1. Somehow I missed the fact that there is a short story woven through the journal until I went to the site to purchase it. Now I’m even more glad that I did! I’ll be excited to read it.

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  3. How do I get a copy of this? I’ve tried the Crab Tank site, and it doesn’t seem to be functioning – there’s no way to add anything to my cart (either the print or pdf format) and the contact link won’t send an email. Is there another seller who carries it?

  4. Crab Tank is in the process of closing down.

    I will be getting all the print copies very soon and will set up a way to order them when I do.

    I need to ask the CT people about the PDF to make sure that remains available as well.

    Sorry for the confusion. I should have more information by mid-November.

  5. I have to ask my daughter about the pdf version this weekend but I know I will have print versions available as of next week. I just haven’t figured out how to process them but I guess via paypal (it was all done through the micro press before)

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