FantasyCon 2014 Guest! An Anthology. & LonCon 3

FantasyCon 2014 has invited me to be one of their Guests of Honor, together with Toby Whithouse and Larry Rostant. The inimitable Graham Joyce is Master of Ceremonies.

I am both honored and, to be honest, thrilled.

FantasyCon is the annual convention run by the British Fantasy Society.

Next’s year convention will be held in York, England, from September 5 – 7 (2014). The convention website can be found here. I have to say that the convention hotel looks wonderful, and York is a lovely city that I look forward to visiting again.

Anyone can attend FantasyCon (not just members of BFS). If you can come, please do! I have a secret hankering to hold a seminar on world building.

Meanwhile, the excellent author Juliet McKenna last year took on the task of editing an epic fantasy anthology for the BFS, an anthology to be distributed to members. She wrote extensively about her experience editing and about the anthology here. (It’s a great post well worth reading.)

Here is the fabulous Table of Contents:

A Thief in the Night by Anne Lyle
Seeds by Benjamin Tate
Steer a Pale Course by Gail Z Martin
The Groppler’s Harvest by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Oak, Broom and Meadowsweet by Liz Williams
The Sin Eater by Stephen Deas
King Harvest Has Surely Come by Chaz Brenchley
The Queen’s Garden by Kate Elliott

Again, the BFS printing will be for distribution to members of the BFS only. However, in early 2014 I will be able to sell e-rights elsewhere. I’ll keep you posted.


Finally, I can now confirm that (God willing and the creek don’t rise as my hanai great-aunt Sally Fetzer used to say), I will also be at LonCon 3 (Worldcon 2014) in London next August 14 – 18 (2014).


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