Update on Melanie Rawn’s EXILES 3, The Captal’s Tower

Melanie has asked me to post the following, received from her via email.


Yes, I will write Captal’s Tower. I’m very sorry it’s taken so long. My sincere thanks to all of you who have been so patient. I’m currently writing the fifth book in the “Glass Thorns” series, and after that my plan is to get to work on Captal’s Tower. If anything about that plan changes, I’ll post on my website (www.melanierawn.com).

6 thoughts on “Update on Melanie Rawn’s EXILES 3, The Captal’s Tower

  1. Thanks for posting the update, Kate. Can hardly wait!! Been dying for that last book since I bought a hardcover copy of The Mageborn Traitor in its first printing in 1997.
    Speaking of getting back to past projects, you had mentioned the possibility of getting back to the Jaran (with Eternal Blue Heaven) after the Crown of Stars series (loved it; have it all in hard cover), though you also mentioned Crossroads as a possibility, and ultimately went that direction, followed by the SpiritWalker Trilogy. Any hope for Jaran in the near future?

  2. I’m excited to read the third Exiles book too!

    As for Jaran, I’m not sure. I did try to interest my current publisher in Jaran 5 but they weren’t interested so I am working on a different project. I have not given up the series, though.

  3. OMG!!! Thank you Kate Elliot for posting this updated news from Melanie Rawn. I cannot wait with the rest of her fans for this book that’s been long awaited…

  4. Have u considered just publishing Jaran 5 on amazon.com if your publisher has already decided not too? I know there’s a good amount of us who would like to read it, even if its just on kindle or through amazons self publishing….but maybe that’s a contract breach, if so, that seriously sucks. Fingers crossed

  5. Megan,

    Unfortunately the real issue isn’t publishing it, it’s having the time to write Jaran 5 because I am up to my neck (a good thing!) in other (exciting!) projects for which I am being paid. I have to pay my mortgage and eat, and thus I prioritize the projects I get an advance for.

    It is true I *could* write Jaran 5 and then self publish it, but the time I would spend doing so would be taking away from work that I can get an advance for. Thus my situation.

    But I haven’t given up figuring out a way to get the book written and out there.

    Thank you, btw, for your kind compliment about the Jaran series (i.e. that you would love to read more of it)

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