Meeting Authors at Cons, and other links

I did a Reddit AMA yesterday (you can find the entire text here & there were great questions).


I enjoyed all the questions but I wanted to highlight this exchange.

A reader asked if I was going to be at Worldcon/Sasquan this year and, when I said I was, wrote:

i’m so unbelievably stoked for sasquan. my first con, and a ton of authors who i really respect are going to be there. i’m not sure i’m going to be able to keep my cool.


To which I replied:

Once a newer writer sitting next to me at an autographing said she thought I was being really gracious and patient with the people coming up with books for autographs.

I said, “Are you kidding? I feel like grabbing each one and shrieking, ‘omg thank you for reading my books!!!’ But I keep my cool and don’t.”


There’s a giveaway at Reddit until Wednesday (tonight) evening for THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT.

In other news, the CEs (copy edited manuscript) for BLACK WOLVES dropped into my inbox yesterday a month before I expected it. Well. That’s my next week sorted when i was already working gangbusters on the first draft of the second YA novel. Now I feel guilty for complaining although at the time I did get a massive 6 hour stress headache (I’m feeling better now as I went paddling).

Here’s a cool post over at A Dribble of Ink that shows the evolution of Julie Dillon’s art from black and white sketch to color illustration to the cover of THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT. I find this kind of process amazingly cool.

I believe an interview with me by Paul Weimer should be up at SF Signal (probably it will post while I’m asleep), so I’ll just link to SFSignal for now.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Authors at Cons, and other links

  1. Kate,
    When do you think you will be in the Southeast USA.?
    I wish to get my Kings Dragon book signed, and to meet you.
    Great work The Crown Of Stars.

  2. Jeff, thanks so much.

    Southeast USA . . . I just don’t at the moment know. Because I live in Hawaii I do not travel that much (expensive). I do have two novels coming out later this year, and I do plan to attend Sasquan/Worldcon in Spokane, Washington, in mid August, but at the moment that (and Sirens Conference in October in Denver) are my only confirmed appearances. I will be sure to broadcast it prominently on this blog and elsewhere if/when I do make other bookstore or convention appearances.

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