Remembering Japan 1945-1946: Chapter One: The Sea Devil to Japan

From October 1945 to June 1946 my father, a Navy signalman, was stationed in JapanĀ  at Toriga-saki by the town of Kamoi, at the entrance to Tokyo Bay. He was then nineteen years old, a young Danish-American man from rural Oregon. The experience made a profound impression on him and he spoke of it often.

In Chapter One, The Sea Devil to Japan, he describes the voyage from the USA to Japan.


Our entire crew with a few support positions was sent to man the Harbor Entrance Control Post at the entrance to Tokyo Bay. We were commanded by a mid-western high school principal by the name of Harris. He must have felt right at home since we were all recent high school graduates. Our small group was assigned a hold in a troop ship named the Sea Devil. The troops assigned were all Navy but bits and pieces of various units and replacements. I seem to recall that there were two to three thousand men on the ship.


You can read Chapter One in its entirety here.

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