ICYMI: Kate Elliott Interviews & Guest Posts

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of Kate Elliott’s recent online appearances:

Nov 5 – John Scalzi’s Whatever Blog Guest Post: The Big Idea
“Change always happens, but as Kate Elliott explains in this Big Idea for Black Wolves, the opening novel in a new fantasy trilogy, not all change happens at once.”

Nov. 13 – Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog Guest Post: 10 Fantasy Novels Whose Depictions of Women Did Not Make Me Smash Things
“Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, […] it [was] almost impossible to find fantasy novels that gave me a fresh, provocative, innovative landscape without simply replicating the same dull and retrograde roles for women. Fortunately these days it’s new world dawning and I, for one, am thrilled.”

Nov 20 – Fangirl Happy Hour Ep. 27: “That Darn Internet”
“This week on Fangirl Happy Hour, Renay and Ana welcome Kate Elliott back to the show to discuss H.P. Lovecraft, the World Fantasy Award, fandom, rec the best pigeon dating game you will ever play, and answer some listener questions.”

Nov. 23 – Tor. Com’s Rocket Talk Ep. 69: Kate Elliott & Emma Newman
“This week’s episode features fantasy and science fiction authors Kate Elliott and Emma Newman on their recent novels, what it’s like to write aged characters and what kinds of resistance exists in society to hearing those stories. They also discuss the rarity of anxiety disorders in fiction.”

Dec. 2 – Lady Business Guest Post: The Call to Adventure
“Kate Elliott shares the old opening to her new novel, Black Wolves, which came out November 3.”

E.P. Beaumont Interview: The Muse of Research with Kate Elliott
“Kate Elliott took time from a very busy schedule of writing, revising, and promoting her work to grant this interview. As reader, I’m entertained; as writer, I’m taking notes.”

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2 thoughts on “ICYMI: Kate Elliott Interviews & Guest Posts

  1. I just wanted to say I recently picked up Black Wolves, and am loving every bit of it!

    I also had a question. I remember in times gone by on this blog that you had said Crossroads had grown from a prologue as there was just too much to convey, and so you had planned your initial story to be a follow up. Is this the initial story? Or is this the in between novel you had proposed?

  2. This is that initial story, yes.

    The in between novel I proposed is, um, basically Part One & the events that would come immediately after it if I didn’t skip over them with the time jump. There is also a short story in my collection that was once part of the in between novel (and which takes place before the opening of Black Wolves)

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