Cold Fire Bonus Chapter

I have written a bonus chapter for COLD FIRE (Spiritwalker 2).

It was not included in the published version of Cold Fire because it is not written from Cat’s point of view, and because it contains explicit sexual content. I honestly recommend you do not read the bonus chapter unless you’ve already read or are reading Cold Fire as it includes major spoilers, but obviously that is up to you.

If you are reading Cold Fire and want to read this chapter in order, it falls (as I am sure you have already figured out) between chapter 31 and chapter 32.

Chapter 31.5


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  2. It’s a lovely chapter but I can see how it doesn’t fit in Cold Fire. The change of pov would have yanked me out of the story. I definitely would like more from Vai’s pov (and from Bee as well) at some stage though!

  3. Yes, the point of view shift is significant.

    Cat would never have described the events — like Vai says to her “for all the words you say, you’re oddly silent.” And this is one of those cases where she is silent.

    I have in mind to tell Bee’s story in a shorter form, like a novelette — there’s a lot of stuff we miss because it happens away from Cat. However, whether I’ll have time to write that remains to be seen.

    I wouldn’t mind doing more from Vai’s point, although he’s awfully serious.

  4. I am so glad you shared that link at the end of Cold Fire! I bought the book just before getting a stomach bug and having the day off so I could read the book (and subsequently this chapter) made being sick seem almost like a treat 🙂 I love these characters and I couldn’t help but grin and giggle with delight at their happiness…I am not trying to suggest anything here, but I really hope that Bee can find happiness too!

  5. I’d rather buy an entire trilogy of Andevai’s PoV of the story than a single novelette of Bee’s PoV.
    For me he’s more interesting than Cat, and far more interesting than Bee. But then, I’ve always liked that type of character. Like Logan from the Shannara books, or Vanyel from the Last Herald Mage books.
    Also, very much looking forward to the third book.

  6. Erdrick,

    indeed, anything written from Bee’s PoV has the risk of becoming bombastic, although I think you’ll see more of her complexity in book 3. I hope, anyway, that I can bring it across.

    Vai has been a challenge to write, but I mean that in the best possible way. I have worked very hard to make him seem “real” rather than a “type.” We’ll see what the future brings after the trilogy is complete.

    And: Thanks!

  7. I think that would be a good cover quote: “This book makes being sick seem like a treat!”

    But seriously: Thank you for your kind words. I’m so delighted that you enjoyed it, and I did really enjoy writing the bonus scene because I do think it reveals some things about their respective characters. Also, the reader gets to see Cat from someone else’s point of view rather than her own unreliable one.

  8. Aww! I’m not that far yet, but I’ve been screaming at those two to get it over with already. Glad they did. I love them as a couple.

  9. Damn, did someone just turn up the heating? That was hot hot hot! Hehehehe.
    I’ve just read Cold Fire + bonus chapter in a space of 24 hours. Addictive stuff.
    Anything I can do to expedite the 3rd book? Do your house work for you? Fetch you beverages? LOL Keep up the good work!

  10. Also, and more seriously, I tend to prefer stories where a couple is sure about what they’re doing together, but that’s just my preference. So glad you enjoy their dynamic!

  11. Thank you!

    Hmm . . . the house does need a good sweep and vacuum, and my fridge definitely needs a clean. 😉

  12. lol

    By the time I got done “leaving” the chocolate cake, I’d probably have eaten it all AND cleaned out the fridge looking for any last crumbs.

  13. Wow! I see an erotic novel in your future!
    I am glad you kept the chapter out of the published book, but wrote what you wanted to and offered it to your fans.
    I just completed reading Cold Fire and I can’t wait for the final book. I have read most of your series and I really enjoy your writing style.
    Thank you.

  14. Thank you so much!

    I love how the internet makes a bonus chapter like this possible.

  15. Kate,

    Thank you so much for writing such an addictive story! What I love is going back and rereading it and finding all sorts of little treasures that I didn’t pick up the first time. Cat enjoys her food, I enjoy my stories! So I’m curious- I saw in the back you metioned the bonus chapter, but also a possible story about Rory? I would love that one! (because I’m a glutton) And because Rory is so damn enjoyable.

  16. Nora,

    Thank you so much! And I’m so pleased you’re enjoying re-reading. I write my books to be re-read; there are things the reader is unlikely to pick up on the first read but which are illuminated on a second read. I know in some ways this can be a problem, because a lot of readers don’t re-read (either because they didn’t love the book enough to re-read OR because there are so many other books to read for the first time), but I enjoy hiding those little treasures in there, as you so aptly put it.

    The Rory short story is indeed about 3/4rds done. I plan to finish it by the end of the year AT THE LATEST, although I really should finish it sooner, but we’ll see.

  17. i have thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘coldfire’!! i can hardly wait for the next one. say, when is ‘coldsteel’s’ release date? too far away for me. i am glad you are going to publish a rory story in the middle; it makes the wait a wee bit more bearable. that bonus chapter! oh my goodness! turned up the heat. wow! thank you, thank you! for writing such fabulous stories!
    have a piece of cake and finish those stories! the anxiety is killing me.

  18. Great addition! Would have loved more “details” of their first night together in the book. However, this extra chapter in Vai’s POV is beautiful but would not have fit into the story. I am addicted to the story and hate waiting for the next part!

  19. Thank you!

    As a narrator Cat had nothing more to say about that night, certainly not in any detail.

  20. Thank you!

    I also want to write a story from Bee’s point of view, also, the one she tells Cat re: the last words in Cold Fire “I can’t wait to tell you the story!”

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  23. Hi Kate.

    Now that I am past this point in the book (as you probably know), I took a look at this…

    The POV change is the major thing that jumped at me too.

    This does explain the sheath mention in Chapter 32 better, though.

    Have you considered at some point putting this in a future ebook version of Cold Fire as an extra?

  24. Just finished Cold Fire and saw this tid bit extra Chapter mentioned at the end of the ebook. Totally loved it, and I actually didn’t mind the pov change at all. Everything I wanted for those two was in there!

    *satisfied sigh* 😀

  25. I would love to put it in an ebook version as an extra but that’s currently not up to me.

    On the night of the areito when they’re walking toward Nance’s they discuss birth control briefly.

  26. I have just finished Cold Fire and read this chapter and well… Vai’s point of view was actually a pleasant surprise!!! I loved it 🙂 he and cCt are so great (even when they’re arguing I sense the strong love between them) and when I got to the of Cold Fire I could not help but cry from the ending!!! You have written such a great series so far 🙂 so much detail and I hope to see more from Vai’s P.O.V purely because he seems such a deep and complicated character… and I may have fallen for him slightly.. I can see why this chapter wouldnt have fit.. but all in all… AMAZING WORK!!! thank you for these books <3 xx

  27. Thank you! So pleased you enjoyed it. I was actually surprised by how easy it was to write in Vai’s pov. Or at least, to write THAT scene in his pov.

  28. This is really a great scene. I think that these types of scenes usually make the reader feel awkward, like they’re intruding on something they shouldn’t. Instead, you have two very real and dynamic characters discovering discovering their relationship, in many ways, for the first time. I liked that the focus was less on the act itself and more on the dynamic of the characters. I absolutely love Val and hope you can work in some of his pov in the next book. Cat is a great character to have as heroine and narrator, but Val sees things so differently and believes in things so passionately. I can’t wait for the next book!

  29. Thank you so much. I was initially reluctant to “go there” but on reflection I decided that how they approached the wedding night was also important, as you say, to understanding their dynamic.

    Book 3 will stay in Cat’s pov, but I’m in the planning stages of writing some short fiction from alternate povs (including the long promised and not yet completed Rory short story).

  30. Oh, this was delightful. Cold Fire made me grin like a fool on public transit and kick my heels when I was reading at home, and having this little dessert was just amazing to have too. And I’m always stoked to read anything that subscribes to the idea of enthusiastic consent.

    Thank you so much for these books and this extra. I’m talking up the series to anyone who will listen and will eagerly await Cold Steel.

  31. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it, Naomi.

    I agree about “enthusiastic consent.” I figure a positive, loving sexual relationship between consenting adults is always worth celebrating as a healthy thing.

  32. Thanks for that extra. I printed it out and stuck it in my copy of Cold Fire between chapters 31 and 32. I actually felt really sad when I came to the end of the book . It is a bit like not being able to hang out with a couple of your favourite friends anymore – strange though it may sound. I have always wanted to visit Cuba, now even more so. Cold Fire had a brilliantly vibrant feel. I adored it.
    Thanks man 🙂

  33. Maddie, thank you so much.

    I particularly enjoyed writing the scenes set in Expedition. It was also very sobering to do research on the Taino, who had such a vibrant (to borrow your word) civilization in 1491.

  34. Chapter 31.5 reminded me a little of the Jaran novels – and I say that in a good way! The first Spiritwalker book took me some time to get into. I have read all your other series and loved them but the first Spiritwalker book was the first book I’ve put down – unread- in a long time. After a couple of months I tried again, and I was so glad I did. Cold Fire was an amazing read, and I am now really looking forward to the third! Thank you for writing such amazing stories!

  35. Aimee, thank you so much!

    And thank you for giving Cold Magic a second try. It’s quite different in tone from the other books.

  36. I bought Cold Magic in a bookstore at the airport over a year ago and have been waiting for the next book ever since. Needless to say, the sight of Cold Fire in the local bookstore made me whoop aloud as I snatched it up excitedly to bear up to the check out counter. Thank-you for your stories. I have read your books for as many years as you have been writing them and they are always a pleasure. I think Bees’ PoV would be very interesting!

  37. I have just finished cold fire and the bonus chapter. What a wonderful series.
    I love the warmth of the characters in Expedition and the humour. So heartwarming to see how much Cat and the wedding night actually meant to Vai.
    I think we can all warm to him now!
    I also thought Cat only being able to answer questions with questions was genius, so enjoyable.
    I can’t wait for the next book and the Rory story.

  38. Linda, thank you so much for the kind words. I did really enjoy writing the questions/questions element, although a very keen-eyed reader has found four places where I broke the chain (not at all meaning to). I went over the text so many times to make sure there weren’t any, but I’m hoping I can fix them in a later edition.

  39. Hey Kate/Alis
    I’ve read all your kate elliott books (except Juran since i don’t like sci fi, in books) and all your writing is great.
    Loved crown of stars the gates were really good and the cold books are really good so far. Wish i could visit the future and start reading #3 now.
    Thanks so much for all your effort it makes my life better when i get to spend it in your worlds.
    I’m about to read 31.5 now and i know i’ll love it. probably should have read it before commenting but so many times i’ve finished a chapter and said “kate Elliott you’re a ****** legend or words to that effect so when i found a way to communicate more reliably that casting my thanks and praise in random bursts of telepathy (at which i’m sadly inept) I couldn’t wait. 🙂

  40. I’ve been working on that telepathy thing for years and still haven’t worked it out. Thanks so much for your comment and for reading!

  41. Kate, Just finished Cold Fire after starting Cold Magic on Thursday night (or was it Friday night?)…Anyway, I’m totally hooked and I am so glad that I stayed “spoiler free” for this additional chapter. I totally love it and agree, it would have been awkward from Cat’s perspective. But Vai is so complex and I just love that you were able to channel his voice into this bit. I won’t lie – I am madly in love with Vai’s character because he’s written as a real person and has a past, memories, and has lost himself but found himself again. I think it must be difficult to really capture the essence of a person into a character who you describe only in words. (However, it’s clear that Vai’s totally gorgeous – but he’s more than a pretty face, too). Bravo. Can’t wait to read Rory’s story (up next) and I’m going to save them to pdf and load on my Kindle for future reading. 🙂

    ..and in the mean time, whilst I wait for Cold Steel, I will take your recommendations for authors/books on Twitter to the top of my list! Happy writing!

  42. Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying the “reality” of the characters. It matters to me that people be able to grow and change, to make mistakes, to backtrack or move forward, so I try to make them realistic. Cat makes some bad decisions in Cold Fire, but I tried to make them fit her way of dealing with the world. (And, yes, “awkward” is exactly the right word to describe that chapter if it had been narrated from Cat’s point of view.)

    Andevai has been very challenging to write for exactly the reason you mention: Except for the bonus chapter, we only see him through Cat’s eyes, and she is not a particularly reliable narrator. I wanted him to come across as a 24/25 year old guy (within his culture) not as a fantasy.

    Thanks again.

  43. OMG i loved it. Reading Vai’s inner thoughts was a fabulous addition, because similar to Cat, we dont get to hear his emotions laid out on the table.

  44. Thank you!

    Yes, I was glad to have the opportunity to show things from his perspective, which is a bit different from Cat’s, to say the least.

  45. Thank you for sharing another part of the story. It’s enjoyable to see the characters of a story have whole lives, personalities and thoughts beyond the published narrative.

  46. I read both Cold Magic and Cold Fire for the first time over the last two days and as I got to the end of Chapter 31 my first thought was “Nooooo, I was really hoping to see the almost-unbearably long-awaited wedding night!” I really enjoyed what glimpses we did have in the actual book, and their euphoria after the fact and the way their interactions did (and didn’t!) change, but I still felt a loss.

    Then I got to the end and saw the note about this missing scene and rushed here. And it’s everything I could have wanted. I completely understand why it wasn’t included in the novel, but it’s an utter delight.

    Thanks so much for posting it!

  47. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books and the bonus chapter. Also, I’ve had a tough week, so it was especially gratifying to get this kind comment right when I needed a boost.

    I knew that Cat would not speak explicitly, so I was resigned to skipping over the night.

    Then one of my beta readers (writer N.K. Jemisin) said, basically, “Nooo! You can’t build this up and then SKIP IT!” so I said I would write the scene but from Vai’s point of view as an exercise in writing an explicit sex scene. So she’s really the one who is responsible for the bonus chapter’s existence.

  48. Kate (or Alis, if you prefer 🙂 ),

    So glad you wrote this. Not because the sex necessarily needed to be shown (sex is, after all, something that most of us are familiar with and rarely needs describing for its own sake) (though I suppose some readers do like to see it described anyway), but because of what sex scenes are really about (or should be about): emotion and change and nakedness of the soul. Sex is, after all, just a conversation, albeit one that involves bodies as well hearts and minds.

    Anyway, I loved the glimpse into Vai’s thoughts and the chance to see his vulnerabilities laid bare. (No pun intended. Really!) He makes such a great foil for Cat, and she for him. I know you’re not going to do this, but I think it would be terrific for the third book to alternate their two POVs, hers in first, of course, and his in third.

    Keep writing. I have been a huge fan since I fell in love with Jaran.

    And speaking of which……

  49. This scene was such a treat! You’re right, it wouldn’t have fitted into the novel; Cat wouldn’t have been the right narrator for it, and switching to Vai for one scene would have been jarring. But it was nice to have this as an extra (yay internet!) and it felt right to be from Vai’s POV. It was also great to get a glimpse of what’s going on inside that head of his (rather than Cat’s interpretation of it).

    I’m really loving this trilogy; I read Cold Magic and Cold Fire back to back and now I’m wondering how I’m going to cope until Cold Steel comes out! (I think the answer is to go and read the rest of your books as these are the first books of yours that I’ve read.)

    Great trilogy, great characters, great story. And a great extra scene – thank you so much for posting it 🙂

  50. Beth, thank you.

    Like you, I think sex as sex isn’t what’s important in most sex scenes unless one is specifically writing erotica/porn for the sake of writing the sex. And I found this scene really pretty much wrote itself because it really was the final “act” of the courtship so it was more about their relationship than anything.

    Sadly, I can’t alternate points of view in the third book, but I can (and probably will) write some short fiction from the points of view of the other characters (like the Rory story).

  51. Laura,

    thank you so much!

    What surprised me about writing the scene was how easy it was to write from Vai’s point of view (even in third person rather than first). I thought he would be difficult to write from but in this scene at least he knew exactly what he wanted. 😉

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  53. I absolutely loved it!! I’m just about to start chapter 35, when I came across this. Thank you Kate for giving your loyal readers a chance to read this.

  54. Kristy,

    Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing the bonus chapter and I’m really happy people have enjoyed reading it.

  55. So, I know this book has been out a while but I just picked up both Cold Magic and Cold Fire… I read them both within a week while at work and during my evenings, and I must admit I think my coworkers and neighbors must think I’m nuts because I’ve spent the entire time yelling at Cat/Vai for being so stubborn and sarcastic, grinning like a fool, giggling, hooting, laughing out loud, clapping happily for them and occasionally crooning to them for most of my read. All in all, I really wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading these books (and based on some of the other comments I’ve seen I’m seriously looking into getting my hands on some of your other series)… Even though I know you probably get told all this quite often… I think your writing is brilliant~

    And… I’m off track. Anyways! I very much enjoyed seeing this bit from Vai’s POV! After the first book I was worried he was kinda a little slow on the uptake, but maybe he just took a while to think things through and decide what he wanted and now through the second book (and definitely this bit) he’s become more real… He’s blossomed into an unrelenting strategist… and yet a quite thoughtful and considerate man. Quite a romantic view now that I think of it. It was quite the treat to see that little note at the end of the book. I will savor rereading the two books from a more informed point of view~!
    And on a side note, I actually really enjoyed the counterpoint Drake played to Vai… I really enjoyed seeing the way fire and ice played out so differently.

    Anyways! I very much look forward to the next book, and I understand if you can’t mention when they plan on releasing it… but I will admit I’ve been trying to scour the internet since midnight last night on when it’s coming out without much success. (I keep hoping that if enough people ask, someone will get an answer. >w< ) (aaaand, wouldn't it be great if you were writing it…. like… right now? =D )

    /end adoringfanrant

  56. Stephanie:

    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your comments, and I particularly appreciate your analysis of Andevai.

    I have turned in a complete draft of Cold Steel to my editor. She now has to read it and give me revisions requests. Until she has “accepted” the manuscript (with whatever revisions I make to her specifications), I really can’t say anything until that hurdle is passed. Because it took me so long to write a complete draft of Cold Steel, though, I can unfortunately say that the book will not be published in 2012.

    I thank you for your patience and hope the wait is worth it! I’m pretty pleased with the story I turned in. Again: Thanks!

  57. This was a wonderful little bonus chapter. I also would love to read morefrom Vai’s pov. He is a wonderfully alluring and deliciously layered character and I can’t wait for the third book. And am hoping there might be a book or more in the future written from. Vai’s pov. Maybe a prequel about Vai’s life from village boy to the mage house – kind of how he became the character we know him as?? HINT! 🙂

  58. Lisa,

    Thank you! I do hope to write a short story about how Vai met Kofi and why they became such good friends so quickly, because their relationship is always seen at a remove from Cat’s point of view (given that she and Kofi view each other with suspicion through much of Cold Fire).

    There is more about Vai’s early life in the mage House in Cold Steel. I can’t count out that I might write something from his point of view about his early years, although at the moment I’m most interested in writing a bit of Bee’s story and then the story referenced above, and also another story about Rory.

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  60. Hello! I am a new fan who will happily spread the word on how much I have enjoyed your books! I work in a library and came across “Cold Magic” while checking out for a patron. I was SO glad that I put it on hold for myself for when it was returned. Once I took it home I couldn’t put it down, and when I finished I instantly went online to see if “Cold Fire” was available, which I’m glad it was!!

    I love your world and the characters you’ve created. I can’t wait for “Cold Steel” to be released. Sorry to hear about your family difficulties that I read in a prior post. I hope all are doing better and are well.

    Please settle a disagreement — How do you pronounce Vai’s name? The full version and nickname?

    Also, in another posting you I believe you said that you enjoyed writing from Vai’s POV, and thought about doing it again but that he was so serious. Yes, he is; however, at times you have shown us his “fun” side and that he has a sense of humor. Also, you’ve mentioned along the way that sometimes Cat makes him want to strangle her or laugh. I’d love to read more from Vai’s POV, as well as, what happened to Bee while Cat was away. [But mostly, Vai’s POV].

    It would be GREAT to have the initial meeting and carriage ride from “Cold Magic” from Vai’s POV.

    Thank you for sharing your world and character’s with me/us!!!

  61. Michele,

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed Cold Magic and Cold Fire, and of course I hope you like Cold Steel when it comes out in June.


    Ahn* – deh – vai (*==emphasis on first syllable)
    Vai more or less rhymes with rye, try, pie

    Vai can be a bit tricky to write from his pov but it is definitely a challenge that I relish. I like your idea about writing the initial meeting/ride from his pov although he is such a writing knot of anger, vanity, pride, shame, frustration, embarrassment, hope, and confusion at that point that it would be hard to get the mix right. I have thought of writing some vignettes from various places in the stories although I can’t guarantee at the moment that I will definitely do so.

    At the moment I do have a couple of stories I’m in the process of (slowly) writing:
    First is, indeed, Bee’s adventures.
    Second are three stories in which Vai figures as an important character but which are told from the point of view of other people (two are set before Cold Magic and one has a tiny bit of overlap with Cold Magic).
    I’ve written the opening of a story set within the story of Cold Steel (from Bee’s point of view) but obviously that could not be published until Cold Steel is out.
    I would like to write another Rory story as well.
    Besides writing some incidents which Cat recounts from the point of view of Vai, there are also some episodes I would like to write about (him) that she did not witness (like his arrival in Expedition and how he meets his friend Kofi).

    Again, thank you.

    I’ve read both Cold Magic + Cold Fire thrice already and I only just found the extra chapter!!! I absolutely LOVED that chapter: the intimacy, the passion, the pov from Andevai, the insight of the characters….
    I love your series and I am dying in anticipation for when Cold Steel comes out! WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU LET CAT LOSE HER MAIDENHEAD TO THAT BUT HOLE AND NOT ANDEVAI I LOVE VAI WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!??!
    Im sorry but this book keeps me up at night. Just thinking about all the twists and plots and characters makes me breathless.

  63. Apricot777:

    Thank you so much! I hope you love Cold Steel (I’m excited about it and can’t wait for June when it finally is published).

    You ask a good question. Here’s my answer: Given everything about Drake, it’s exactly the kind of thing he would do, especially after the one meeting between him and Andevai in Adurnam. Drake is the kind of guy who would see this as “shaming” her and “dishonoring” Andevai , and Drake can’t understand that Andevai does not see it that way at all.
    As for Cat, she is frightened and thus vulnerable; she’s also a bit naive, and of course she is impulsive in the “oh what the heck I’ll probably be dead tomorrow” variety.
    I guess what it comes down to is that my own experience of life suggests that sometimes we make bad choices, make mistakes, think we’re doing a smart or daring thing only to realize later that we had thought it through all wrong. When characters are perfect, I find that hard to relate to because I’m not perfect. So I wanted to show Cat making some mistakes, especially in the situation she finds herself in where she has received a terrible shock (finding out the identity of her sire) and is completely alone (she is not used to be alone) and afraid that she is going to die.

    Anyway, that’s a long way of saying thank you — and I’m so glad that you are caught up enough in the story to feel strongly about it!

    Kate Elliott

  64. fabulous – I love your work. I wouldn’t have found it jarring at all, in fact was a little non-plussed at the, to me, sudden ending to their marriage night…now the book feels ‘complete’ 🙂
    I’m greatly looking forward to the month of June!

  65. I didn’t want to switch point of view just for one scene, and I knew Cat would not give that kind of detail. So I settled on a bonus chapter.

  66. Also: thanks so much for your kind words. So glad you’re enjoying the series.

  67. For about a year and a half now i’ve been reading an hour of Kate Elliott every day on my way to work. Finished the Crossroads series and 1/3 through Cold Steel already. I guess you could say a dose of Kate Elliott in the morning is my version of a cup of coffee haha. After the Spiritwalkers series, which would you recommend I read next?

  68. You’re like a champion!!!

    Thank you.

    I guess Crown of Stars (starting with King’s Dragon) OR the Jaran series would be next.

  69. I bought Cold Magic on sale when the local Borders store closed its doors a few years ago. I hung onto it until Cold Steel came out a short time ago so I could read all three together.

    I liked the addition of the chapter a lot. Unlike most of the comments here, I was actually disappointed with 31 in the book. The tension had been building for so long between the two, and while I didn’t crave the details in 31.5, I did think the book lacked reader fulfillment.

    Thanks for adding it here. Now on to Cold Steel.

  70. Giselle,
    Thank you! I hope you enjoy Cold Steel.
    When I wrote Cold Fire I was caught between Cat’s point of view and some readers’ (and my own) desire to see more of their first night together (after all that build up!).
    In Cold Fire I couldn’t find a way to have Cat talk about it, if that makes sense — because her narration has to reflect her. So the chapter closed where it did (I call that a “draw the curtain moment”).
    But a beta reader had exactly the same reaction as you, and after I thought about it for a while I realized I could write the next scene from Andevai’s point of view (third person) and get a glimpse into the two of them from an entirely different perspective. I have to admit I had fun writing it, and it is certainly the most explicit thing I have written so far.

  71. Well Kate, loved, loved, loved the books as I haved all your writing. I started years ago with the Stars and have enjoyed everything you have published.
    Having read 31.5, I see you have the ability to change genre to hot stuff if you ever decide to tweak your readers.
    Thanks for all you have given to enlighten my world.

  72. Ross,

    thank you so much for sticking with me all these years!

    As for the bonus chapter, I like to always keep challenging myself to try new things.

  73. I loved this side of the story, vivid in its detail and captivating to the reader. Chapter 31.5 reminded me of some of the scenes in Anne Bishop’s, Dark Jewel series.

  74. Thank you, Thomas. One of my beta readers of COLD FIRE told me I *had* to write the scene, and since Cat would not have told it, I chose to write the bonus chapter as I did. It’s been a consistently popular offering.

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