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Today I wrote about 2700 words on COLD STEEL. Not much detail to report although I’m not quite to the scene I’m desperately scrabbling toward. I hate that bit where you keep writing toward a specific moment and yet can’t quite get there, while meanwhile knowing that you’ll be cutting and revising most of the words you’re slapping down. But I don’t mean to complain: It’s moving forward.

I also heard last week that the Orbit UK division is reprinting COLD FIRE, so thanks to all you lot in the UK, Australia, NZ, and other points where that edition is sold. You are awesome!

Some people have asked if there will be a fourth Spiritwalker book or other novels set in this universe, but that will naturally depend on sales. Sales depend, of course, on people wanting to read a book and knowing that the book is out there.

Speaking of which, there are a couple of new books out I want to enthusiastically mention.

Michelle Sagara’s CAST IN RUIN is out, the next in her Chronicles of Elantra series. I love how these books are both similar to and quite different from her Hunter’s Universe books (which is what I call them, since the sequence starts with HUNTER’S OATH).

David Anthony Durham completes his Acacia Trilogy with THE SACRED BAND, released today. This is a fine epic fantasy story with heft, depth, and powerful characterizations.

Not quite out yet but arriving at the end of the month is Madeleine Robins’ THE SLEEPING PARTNER, the next in her alternate Regency England mystery series featuring Sarah Tolerance. I gulped this down in three evenings while on the road. A really engaging style, a compelling plot, and I adore Miss Tolerance.

N.K. Jemisin’s KINGDOM OF GODS is evidently shipping now although not officially due until later in the month. I read this as a beta reader, and I just want to say that it is a provocative choice of point of view character, which she totally pulls off. Another final volume in a trilogy. I expect this to be on many awards ballots next year.

ETA: Another trilogy finale! On Oct 18, Laura Anne Gilman’s THE SHATTERED VINE closes up The Vineart War. I haven’t read book 3 yet, but this is an unusual and powerfully drawn world with lots of interest to say about power, faith, and — of course — wine.

It’s late, and I’m missing a couple of titles I wanted to mention, but I’ll catch up with them later. Or you can tell me about what you’re reading right now that’s caught your interest.

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  1. Hey, I stumbled on your site while checking to see if my WiP’s working title was already taken. It’s exciting to hear about the reprints in the UK! I’m glad I found out about your books. I’ve been looking for some new stuff to read 😀

  2. I stumbled across Cold Magic a few weeks ago and picked the book up because a have a family member named Kate Elliott who aspires to be a novelist one day, and thought it was funny that I had stumbled across a book who’s author shared her name. I then read the back cover, and immediately bought the book, finished it within the week, and then bought Cold Fire on amazon as soon as it was out. I have to say that I could not put it down until I had read the very last word. You have an amazing talent, and the world you created in this series is phenomenal, and beautifully complex. I am certain it will be well worth the wait for Cold Steel!

  3. Giles, thanks!

    Actually, titles can’t really be “taken.” After all, I used Winston Churchill’s title, The Gathering Storm, for one of my novels. And both Tamora Pierce and Dean Koontz have books titled “Cold Fire,” forex. So all you really want is to not have a book with the same title come out at the same time as yours.

  4. I have been searching for a new trilogy to read all summer and was highly unsuccessful until I came across your books just 2 weeks ago! I scrambled through them and I cant wait for Cold Steel.
    I was getting a little worried about having nothing else to read for a while but stumbled across The Iron King series. Its perhaps for slightly younger readers but might be enjoyable for others that have read your stories.
    Thanks for all the other books to read! I’ve sent samples to my kindle, so theres no chance I will be lost as to what to read in the next few weeks! Many thanks!

  5. A fan of your work over here in New Zealand and I have been telling other fantasy lovers to read Cold Magic & Cold Fire. We are all excited for Cold Steel! Thanks for writing amazing books 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed both novels.
    And best of luck to the Kate Elliott in your family!

  7. Thank you!

    I’ll suggest another few titles, just so you don’t run out of books to read:
    The Cloud Roads, by Martha Wells.
    Dread Kingdom by Trey Shiels
    Coronets & Steel (1) and Blood Spirits (2) by Sherwood Smith (I’m going to be doing a short post on this duology this week).
    License to Ensorcell, by Katharine Kerr

    That’s just a couple. There have been a flood of good books recently. Not everyone will like every book, of course, but there’s so much out there. I have heard of the Iron King series but haven’t read it (yet).

  8. Thank you!

    And thanks for spreading the word. Writers really live and die in these days of social media on word of mouth.

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