2012 Blog Goals: A Survey

This is in the nature of an experiment with a cool new utility called Urtak, a simple but elegant survey mechanism.

I’m currently thinking about what sort of things I might want to do with this blog for 2012, when I hope to do a lot of fiction writing and back it up with other material as well.

The questions come in a Yes/No/Don’t Care format. I’ve posted some basic ones and I already have a couple more I may add. Best of all, readers can suggest questions which I can then add (or not). Also, please feel to comment as per the usual way if you have any thoughts either on things you would like to see on this blog in 2012 or on using a survey to ask questions in general.

Here we go:

2012 Kate Elliott Blog Goals

2 thoughts on “2012 Blog Goals: A Survey

  1. I was really impressed with it. I want to try another one with more interesting broader ranging questions like about reading tastes, etc.

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