Rory gets his own story, plus a giveaway

For months now I have been promising a short story about Rory, Cat’s half brother who is a sabertooth cat.

It is now finished, and you can find it right here on this website by clicking through onto the Extras page. Or by clicking here.

Also, until Dec 17 there is a giveaway on this guest post now up on the excellent book blogging site, BookSmugglers.

I also mention three 2011 books that were among my favorites of the year as part of Book Smugglers’ Smugglivus celebration.

8 thoughts on “Rory gets his own story, plus a giveaway

  1. I really enjoyed the story. Rory’s a great character and I’m glad he got his own story and I’m hoping there will be some more. He does keep mysteriously disappearing, after all..

  2. Yes, there’s a big chunk of time in Cold Fire that offers opportunities for more Roderic Barr adventures.

  3. Hello!

    Just yesterday I finished “Cold Magic” (liking it very much!) and then wanted to know when the sequel will be released… Search engines led me here…

    I noticed the gap where Rory ‘was missing’ and wondered if it would be explained. Now I know what happenend and I like it, too. It is nice to see both sides and I think the character of Rory has much potential for fun…

    Have a Happy New Year and lots of inspiration for your next books, Sus

  4. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy Cold Fire.

    I hope to write at least one more Rory story, possibly more.

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