Kirkus Reviews on COURT OF FIVES

A rendition of the library at Alexandria (although I have my doubts about the terrain).


A very positive review for COURT OF FIVES (August 2015) at Kirkus Reviews.

If you don’t like spoilers of any kind, don’t read it as most of the review synopsizes the plot. (Why? WHY???)  I hasten to add there is nothing wrong with how the synopsis is written; it just reveals much of the plot, which perhaps is part of the point of a review journal aimed toward people buying books for schools, libraries, and stores who don’t have time to read everything new.

The last two lines are gold, and I’m very chuffed indeed:

This series opener, the auspicious teen debut of a seasoned author of adult fantasy and World Fantasy Award finalist, features a gripping, original plot; vivid, complicated characters; and layered, convincingly detailed worldbuilding.

A compelling look at racial and social identity wrapped in a page-turning adventure.

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  1. Yeah, that terrain for that sketch looks really…off. 🙂

    But, yea! Positive review!

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