More Interviews w/ Flying Through Fiction & Book Rambles

Kate Elliott’s COURT OF FIVES blog tour continues with a two-part interview with Brittany of Brittany’s Book Rambles and Mariam  of Flying Through Fiction, in which she discusses setting boundaries as a writer, obscure research facts, and her dream cast for COURT OF FIVES :

Do you have a dream cast or soundtrack for your book?


I haven’t had time to figure out a dream cast, and I honestly prefer to see who readers come up with because readers’ takes on how they think people look is much more interesting to me than my own. However I do think model Hideo Muraoka (although he’s too old) looks something like I imagine Kal looking. You can see how Kal looks HERE

Stuntwoman Jessie Graff doesn’t look at all like Jes (and she’s about 13 years too old for the part anyway) but she’s built the way I imagine Jes is built: tall, lean, strong, and an acrobat (in fact, Graff is former competitive gymnast AND pole vaulter: what a combination!). Watch Graff’s fantastic performance at the Venice Finals of the 2015 season of American Ninja Warrior to see how I imagine Jes might look on a Fives court, and especially watch how intently Graff plots each obstacle in her head before she tackles it.


Read the first part of the interviews at Book Rambles, and the second part at Flying Through Fiction. Thank you to Mariam and Brittany for hosting these interviews!


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