3 thoughts on “Final FINAL cover for POISONED BLADE

  1. Really gorgeous. I love that it looks great on its own but also pairs wonderfully with Court of Fives.

    Been meaning to say I’m almost through the Co5s audiobook (thanks again!) and I agree the narrator definitely did not go perky. I think she really nails the tone. I have struggled with it sounding, to my ear, like about every third word is italicized. I’m happy that that aspect seems to have trailed off now that I’m so far in. My favorite Co5s scenes outside of the fives court are the necropolis scenes and I love how the narrator has handled all the action and characters (and I adore her voice for Amaya. I have a soft spot for Amaya).

  2. Oh good. I haven’t heard that much of it (I have a really hard time listening to my own work being read) so I’m happy to hear it represents the girls well, especially Amaya, who would be easy to do poorly.

    I did ask my publisher to have her pronounce adversary the American way for book 2 🙂

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