Where to find me online these days: an interim post

After mostly dropping offline and out of this blog for several years, I am readapting my online presence.

You can still most reliably find me online on Twitter at KateElliottSFF. I do have an Instagram account (also KateElliottSFF) although I don’t use it much. I deleted my Facebook account some months ago.

My newsletter is now on Substack, which means News generally shows up on my substack site once a month or so. If you are here looking for news, look there first.

I haven’t decided how to go forward with this particular site in the future; I like the ease of attaching Substack to my newsletter, which is why I went there. I do intend to update my old web site at kateelliott.com but I’m not sure when that will happen. Soon! (I hope.)

UNCONQUERABLE SUN is still scheduled for 7/7/2020. Pre-orders are genuinely helpful for writers, as is library use. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Where to find me online these days: an interim post

  1. During some Quarantine Cleaning, I was looking through my older books and was reminded to check on Melanie Rawn Captal’s Tower. Google led me to your blog the same day you posted after months. I guess the universe just led me to the next author I need to binge read!

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