If you’ve read UNCONQUERABLE SUN and want to discuss any or all aspects of the story and universe, ask questions, or make easter egg guesses, this is the blog place to do so. SPOILERS ALLOWED. SPOILERS BEWARE.

There is also a Discord server for those who prefer that, which you can find at this link.

I’m using both venues because some people don’t use Discord at all or prefer comments on a blog.

To answer one question right up front: I’m working on book two, although with some pandemic delays. The hope and plan is for a Fall 2021 publication date.

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2 thoughts on “UNCONQUERABLE SUN: Discussion Zone

  1. I am wondering if there is a wiki or unofficial appendix or something that summarizes info about the different cultures/races. For example, I just finished the first segment with Apama, and I wanted to clarify something about Phrenes that came up. It seems they have four arms… but is that like in addition to legs, or ape style? When it says “Phrene lancers…… their 8 hands ” is that “lancer” referring to the ship *when it has two Phrene people inside*? I originally read it to mean “pilot of a lancer ship”, and confused myself, but then I wondered if I was wrong again.

    Overall though I wonder if there is a reference, in case any more of these things come up and I either miss the context or can’t interpret it with context.

    Also In hoping for guidance on what the cultures’ rough analogs in history are, because I am ignorant of a lot of history.

  2. Lindsay,

    So far I do not have a wiki or unofficial appendix, but I can see it is something I need to put together. I mean, I have all my world building notes that I reference as I write, but I haven’t created a public wiki and I think it’s a good idea for me to consider doing one.

    The Phene have four arms, and two legs, so basically two arms added onto a slightly longer torso (which is why they tend to be a bit taller than other humans). Think of statues in which the individual (often a god) has four arms (sometimes more).

    You read correctly that each lancer (the ship) has two pilots, thus eight hands (each pilot has four hands).

    The three major cultures in Unconquerable Sun map to Macedon (the Republic of Chaonia), the Greek city states and particularly Athens (the Yele League), and the Persian Empire (the Phene Empire).

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