2023 Update: The Keeper’s Six, Servant Mage, and Furious Heaven

Contemporary fantasy The Keeper’s Six drops on January 17, 2023. This very short standalone novel opens in Hawaii and quickly moves into a complex multiverse when Esther discovers her adult son has been kidnapped by a dragon boss and she calls in her old gang to help her get him back. Cover by Emmanuel Shui.

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly says, “Treacherous terrain and even more treacherous trading partners ramp up the stakes of this masterful contemporary fantasy from Elliott.”

Last January, 2022, a secondary world standalone fantasy novella Servant Mage was published. Fellian is an indentured servant after the revolution. When a small party of rebels offers her freedom in exchange for helping them, she must decide if the cost is worth it and who she trusts. Cover by Tommy Arnold.

“An absolute gem of a story… I loved it.” —S. A. Chakraborty

A large dragon possessively clutches a fiery glowing orb.

Furious Heaven, the sequel to Unconquerable Sun, finally arrives in March (UK) and April (USA). USA cover by Chris McGrath. UK cover by Ronnie Tegnemaskin.

Very excited for all of you to read this unstoppable dreadnought of a novel, which in a starred review Library Journal calls “Expansive space opera at its finest.”

USA (Tor Books) cover:

Cover of Furious Heaven: Two women, side by side against a backdrop of space, stare commandingly at the viewer.

UK/Commonwealth (Head of Zeus) cover:

A spaceship in the midst of battle, flying toward a large stellar object

This year I hope to update my web page and this blog, but for now I wanted to get all my recent and forthcoming releases in a row.


If you’ve read UNCONQUERABLE SUN and want to discuss any or all aspects of the story and universe, ask questions, or make easter egg guesses, this is the blog place to do so. SPOILERS ALLOWED. SPOILERS BEWARE.

There is also a Discord server for those who prefer that, which you can find at this link.

I’m using both venues because some people don’t use Discord at all or prefer comments on a blog.

To answer one question right up front: I’m working on book two, although with some pandemic delays. The hope and plan is for a Fall 2021 publication date.

cover of Unconquerable Sun