The site is now ALSO (welcome!)

The URL now redirects to this site (I Make Up Worlds).*

I have not yet transferred any information over to this site yet from the archive, but some of that should happen toward the end of this year.

Meanwhile, if this is your first time here, this was once an active blog and is now more of an inactive blog. This site currently features a bare-bones bibliography, links to my newsletter and patreon (where I post weekly), and numerous EXTRAS (see menu item), as well as the all important “Where Do I Start With Your Novels (boy band style)” pinned post.

If there is any information you would specifically like to see included or added here, or any questions answered in the blog, please let me know in the comments to this post (or just say hi!), and I’ll see what I can do.

For the most up to date news and specifically for time-dependent news about things like ebook sales, subscribe to my newsletter. It’s currently on Substack, free (no paid content). Someday I hope to move my newsletter off of Substack and host it here, but that process is beyond my knowledge base at the moment as well as being too time and energy (and money) consuming to be feasible right now: I need to prioritize writing fiction both because I love writing and also to pay the bills.

Thank you. As always, I could not do this without you.