Cold Steel (progress report) & Cold Fire (mass market release)

COLD FIRE has just released in the mass market (less expensive) paperback format in all English language markets. The ebook has also dropped in price.

I have completed major revisions for COLD STEEL and have now embarked on a close line edit to trim, polish, and make sure all the details are consistent. The book will go into production at Orbit Books next week. Production is a bit of a long process, but I plan to write a post next week describing how it works. Thank you for your patience.

Here is the first page, after the cut:

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A quick update

I’m basically on hiatus (although you can find me on Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook where I keep up some connection to the rest of the world) until I finish revisions for COLD STEEL.

I’m almost done, at which point my editor reads again and decides if there is anything else she wants me to do. Then the long process of putting the book through production begins.

Semi-regularly posting will resume at the end of the month, when the mass market (small format) paperback of COLD FIRE is released. If you’ve been waiting for the less expensive edition of book two, it will be available then — the ebook has already dropped in price.

I leave you with fanart of Cat and Rory (if you follow me on the above social networks, you’ll already have seen this link). I only link to fanart if the artist has themself brought it to my attention.