Remembering Japan: 1945-1946: Chapter Nine: A Social Call

From October 1945 to June 1946 my father, a Navy signalman, was stationed in JapanĀ  at Toriga-saki by the town of Kamoi, at the entrance to Tokyo Bay. He was then nineteen years old, a young Danish-American man from rural Oregon. The experience made a profound impression on him and he spoke of it often.

Chapter Nine contains the most often-told — and our favorite — story. Naturally it is a humorous one.


Chapter Nine: A Social Call

Chapter Eight:The Cold War Begins?

Chapter Seven: The Toriga Saki Fleet

Chapter Six: General Douglas MacArthur

Chapter Five: Japanese Signalmen

Chapter Four: Work and Play

Chapter Three: Kamoi

Chapter Two: Harbor Entrance Control Post Toriga Saki, Tokyo Bay

Chapter One: The Sea Devil to Japan.

Introduction can be read here.

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  1. I think I mentioned we have this in common–my father was a WWII vet as well, a Seaman, who served both in the Atlantic and the Pacific theaters. He never got to go to Japan, as your father did, though.

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