Book Smugglers Guest Post + Two Chicks on Books Author Playlist

Want to know more about the influences for COURT OF FIVES (available today!)? Head over to The Book Smugglers to read Kate Elliott’s guest post on history and myth-making, the life and myth of Cleopatra, and the setting of Greco-Roman Egypt as Efea’s template.

“As I was writing I took to heart the story of Cleopatra. People often say that history is written by the conquerors and that history has an agenda. This is true of how the Romans wrote about Cleopatra and certainly true of how later historians and tale tellers turned Cleopatra into the seductress queen rather than the hard-headed, ambitious, and fiercely intelligent woman she obviously was.

It’s that gap between myth and history that is part of what inspired me to write Court of Fives…”

Read more at the link and enter to win a copy of COURT OF FIVES!

Two Chicks on BooksAlso, be sure to check out Kate Elliott’s handpicked playlist, “I Am the Best,” for COURT OF FIVES at Two Chicks on Books.

I write to music, and I love to create unique playlists for each of my series…The key is to set a mood that matches the feelings I hope to evoke. For Court of Fives, a fantasy story set in a world of Patrons and Commoners, with a heroine who is a fierce competitor in a sport she is not supposed to be participating in, I needed a playlist that reflects the conflicts and the range of emotions in the book.

Listen while you follow Jessamy’s story in COURT OF FIVES, which you can pick up at your local independent bookstore, Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online and bricks and mortar stores TODAY (USA & Canada only)!

Thank you so much to The Book Smugglers, Two Chicks on Books, The Book Wars, and The Artsy Reader Girl for all the COURT OF FIVES love. (P.S. Check out The Book Wars’ latest review of COURT OF FIVES, too!)