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Continuing on her COURT OF FIVES blog tour, Kate Elliott discusses “Creating a World with Regressed Women’s Rights” at The Eater of Books:

I’ve seen a few readers refer to the novel as a dystopia. That surprised me because I did not write it as a dystopia, and I never intended to write a book that fit into the dystopian genre of YA…

In fact over and over again I rarely needed to make up ways in which the women of the Court of Fives world labor under regressed rights. All I had to do was borrow from actual historical legal traditions.

Read the full post at The Eater of Books.


As always, COURT OF FIVES is now available at your local independent bookstore, Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online and bricks and mortar stores TODAY (USA & Canada only).

3 thoughts on “Eater of Books Guest Post

  1. I’m surprised at the “US/Canada only” because I’ve bought it in Kindle from Amazon UK (and read it, and enthused in a comment on File 770).

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

    This is an important question. I can’t answer for the specifics of the Eater of Books blog, because the blogger either is giving away a copy of her own or one she arranged as a giveaway directly from the publisher. So I wasn’t involved (except in the writing of the book).

    However, sometimes the region restriction has to do with licensing, similar to the way DVDs have region restrictions. For example, a print copy of the book printed specifically for the USA/Canada market might technically be illegal to giveaway into a different region. I don’t know if that is the case here but I do know that is sometimes why giveaways are restricted.

    The other reason is cost. I recently gave away two copies of Court of Fives, and as it happens both went to overseas (from me) winners. Shipping has gone up astronomically in the last 5 years. I used to be able to pay about $8.00 to mail a book to (say) Australia. Now it is $21.00, which is more than the book itself costs. To the UK? $18.00. I will always keep my personal giveaways on this site international because I am so grateful to my many US domestic AND my international readers, but I understand why some people just can’t afford it.

  3. Also, so glad you could purchase it from Amazon UK because there was a while there I was afraid it wouldn’t be available in the UK at all.

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