Seeing New Covers Never Gets Old (Crown of Stars in Poland)

I got a box in the mail.

In it I found copies of the new Zysk (Poland) translation of Child of Flame, titled Dziecko Plomienia (there’s a slash through the ‘l’ but I don’t know how to get those letters on WordPress yet). I’m not quite sure what the cover has to do with the book, but I quite like the colors and design, and I’m delighted at the slightly larger paperback (the original versions of the first three books were regular mass market size).


Zysk also reissued King’s DragonKrolewski Smok — with a new cover.

Here’s the old cover, from the 2000 edition. Admire its 70s cheesy glory. Yes, she is bare-breasted. And don’t even think about how she is managing to sit on the dragon with its spiky spine ridge.


The new cover fits the design of book four, and I think it is quite wonderful:


I’m hoping Zysk may be re-releasing #2 and #3 with the new design and images as well, because they will make a striking set if they do. Stay tuned.


NOTE: These don’t embiggen. I grabbed them off the internets.