Crown of Stars ebook releases (USA)

Finally some news on ebook releases of the Crown of Stars series.

This information is for the USA market only, where the series is published by DAW Books.
I will post news about the UK/Aus/NZ region (Orbit UK) as soon as I know anything.

KING’S DRAGON is available now as an ebook in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and presumably mobi and epub versions.

PRINCE OF DOGS and THE BURNING STONE are scheduled to be released in ebook versions on January 15.

I do not currently have a schedule for volumes 4 – 7.

A question for those of you outside of the USA/Canada and the UK and the Australia/NZ regions who like to read English language e-texts: How are you able to get English language ebooks? Are you in a restricted market, or do you have some other mechanism to get downloads?